Project Overview

Provide a Promotional Video piece for “Yo Nights” - Off-Site summer nights for students to spend time together sharing a meal, swimming, playing backyard games, and hearing the story of one student’s journey with Christ.

Story Goals

  • Inspire students to come to Yo Nights to have a great time and ultimately hear the gospel.

Relevant Work Pieces

Video Approach


Promo Video - Showcase Yo-Nights. Hype. Modern. Hip.


Students - This is for you. Come hear the gospel from one of your own.

Hear from students why Yo Nights is so meaningful to them. Record short interview sound bites with students telling the audience why this is how they should spend their Wednesday nights this summer.


Proposed Work - Yo Nights Promo Video

1 day shooting : $600

1 day editing: $500

Total: $1100

Project Shoot Date: 6/19/2019

Rough Cut Date: 6/21/2019

Final Deliverable Date: 6/24/19